Monday, October 11, 2010

Cat eye look

I wanted to try a somewhat subtle cat eye look today.  It's mainly subtle because my eye shape doesn't allow me to look like I have any makeup on without putting A LOT of makeup on...

I used Maybelline gel eyeliner.  I tried a lot of gel eyeliners, but this one is the far best for me! It doesn't smudge at all.  And of course, price is a plus.  My eyelid can be a bit oily and is folded in, so most gel eyeliners still smudge.  But this one with a primer, I'm good all day!

I used: urban decay eye primer.  Then put a nude colored matte eyeshadow all over the lid just to set the primer. Don't forget to put some primer on the bottom lashline too.  I am not going to line the bottom today, but this will prevent from the liner smudging to the bottom.

Then, using a fine eyeliner brush and gel eyeliner, draw a bit thick line making sure that you get the bottom of the lashline also.  This will make your eye look more defined.  Since my eye lid is folder, I almost filled the whole folded part.

This is how it looks when I close my eyes:

And when I open:

 Once you line your eyes, you can create a wing.  My trick is that I start from where I want the wing to end and draw inward to blend into the line I made earlier.  So dot a point where you want the wing to end, and connect that dot to about the middle of the line you drew earlier.  Then make a triangle shape by connecting that dot to where the line ends.  Fill in any space inbetween with the liner.

This is how it looks when I'm done: 

 Both eyes done:  You can see that I didn't wing out too much, but you can wing out a bit more if you'd like to.  But try to stay within where your eyebrows end, since if you go further than that, I might look a bit too much.  You can also do thicker if you want.

This is how it looks when I close my eyes.  Yes... they are not even because my eyes are shaped differently.  I try to match them so they look the same when I open my eyes.  Another thing is that don't try to draw a single line at once.  Try to draw small lines at times and connect those.  That way, you don't make a big mistake!  Also keep checking how it looks when you open your eyes, but make sure you open them once your eyeliner is dry!!! If you open right after you put the liner on, it might smudge..

My completed look:  Since I want my eyes to be the focus, I didn't put any blush.  I just used a little bit of highlighter over my cheekbone.  This is subtle enough to pair with bold lips.  I would looove to wear red lipstick with this look, but since it was so hot outside.. I skipped on it. =p
Hope this helped!! =)

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