Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shiseido Luminous Lip Gloss in Bellini review

I went to costco today and as I was browsing.. I found this!
For some reason, I thought its regular price is ~30 dollars, so picked it up w/o thinking twice about it at 14.99. The regular price is $22. Still pretty a good deal... but I thought it was 50% off! =(

There were more than 5 colors available and I picked up Bellini, sheer rosy pink color.

In its packaging:

In picture, it seems a bit lighter, but it's a bit darker..

I usually don't mind brush tips, and this one feels pretty soft. :)

Swatch on my hand in indoor lighting. You can tell it has very fine pearls, but when you put it on, it almost has a glassy shiny finish rather than pearly finish.

My bare lips... my lips are pretty pigmented.. which is why I didn't pick up Cafe Creme one (light beige color). Unless it's very pigmented, any beige lipgloss looks clear on my lips..
 With just one layer of the lipgloss! It gives a slight pinkish tone to my lips. Goes very sheer and a lot lighter than I thought.. it gives me my lip color but better. :)  If your lips aren't as pigmented, it will probably give you a nice wash/tint of pink color that's pretty natural.
 And overall shot.  When I look for lip swatches, I find it more useful to see the person's whole face with the lip products on, since if you just look at lips, it can be very deceiving! It's all about how it looks on your face, not just on your lips, you know what I mean?!  For that reason... even though I look so tired and washed out since I'm doing this post after a looong day at work.... I'm posting a picture of me w/ the lipgloss on. :)

It almost looks like I didn't put anything on. :(  But the lipgloss is very moisturizing and no weird smell!
 If you have Costco near by, go check it out!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Random things from Thanksgiving weekend

I had a very relaxing Thanksgiving.  I feel like holidays can be sometimes painful and tiring, especially as you get older and get married... I remember just enjoying food and everything my parents and others prepared.. and now its MY turn to provide. :P  From spending time with my family only, now I have to worry about organizing things with my husband's parents.  Luckily, both our families are in LA area, so no traveling.  But we end up driving a lot during holidays. But better than flying!

Overall, I didn't have to do much.  I got to sleep in almost everyday during the weekend, which was very nice.

On Friday, instead of going shopping, we went to LA AutoShow.  I know I don't need anything and can't afford what I want right now, so I rather not be tempted.. :p.  AND I just hate waiting and being sandwiched by people, so I try anything and everything to avoid the mall on black friday...

AutoShow was pretty good.. altho not as interesting.  I remember they used to have some crazy concept cars and such, but now, all companies seem to focus on fuel-efficiency and lower cost cars. I guess it's reflecting the economy... it was entertaining in a way that I saw more affordable cars but not really since this is one time you get to see all the nice cars in person without going into dealerships, but they didn't have as many.. so boo...

Rare picture of me that my hubby took that actually came out nice!!!!! hahahaha. i think it was the crazy lighting they had there... I'm sporting MAC lady danger lipstick here! :)

And on Saturday, I just wanted to dress very comfortably for dinner with my in-laws sicne it was just too cold..
I look extra short and stubby in this picture.. i swear i'm just wearing wide legged pants!!! :P

And a apple pie my inlaws got for us from Julian Moms pies bakery in Temecula. It was very yummy!

Do you see the heart shape in the middle?? Adorable!

Sadly all broken during the cutting process.....
Hope everyone had good Thanksgiving!!!

I know it's turning into weekend blogs... but I just don't seem to have time... but I will try harder to update more frequently!

Disneyland Holiday!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disneyland. :)
They are doing holiday at Disneyland right now, and I'm just loving it.  Decorations are nice and they re-did the haunted house rise to be the nightmare before Christmas theme! Did I mention that that's one of my favorite movies??? you can see the pattern here.... :)

We went last Tuesday, and it was raining.  Thought it would stop but it POURED few times during the night. but it was weirdly romantic to be at Disneyland when it's raining.

If you live in Southern California, go check it out!!!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Crème-Gel Makeup SPF 20 review

My skin type is combination: oily on t-zone and normal on u-zone. But lately, my skin has been pretty dry.. Maybe it's weather.. or maybe I'm just getting old?  But anyways, I started looking for a moisturizing foundation.  I usually don't wear foundation.. but I wanted a compact so it's easy to apply and I can carry it around.  After few trials and error, I finally found something I like.

DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Creme-Gel makeup is pretty moisturizing.  But if you expect liquid-foundation-moisturizing, you might be disappointed. ( at least I was..) I'm not sure how moisturizing this would be for dry skin since my skin is pretty mildly dry.  I liked that it has high SPF also.

It comes in a velvet pouch:

This is the compact. Very simple and very shiny. I like. :)

 When you open it, you can see it has a pretty decent sized mirror and a sponge w/ a seperator.  I don't like it when you open a compact foundation or a pressed powder and sponde is just on the top of the makeup. It just feels cleaner to have the sponge seperated from the makeup.

The included sponge has 2 sides.  One side is a typical foundation sponge and the other side is velvety surface.  It says the foundation sponge side is to blend and the velvety side is to achive the flawless even look.  I haven't actually tried the velvety side, but I really like the included sponge.  But it doesn't seem like Dior sells this sponge seperately.. so if you lose it, you lose it unless you buy another compact.

With the sponge removed
 You can tell that this foundation looks very creamy.  But it doesn't feel rich or sticky on your face at all. It goes on pretty lightly and smoothly.  And you can build up on the coverage without looking cakey.

This is with no makeup.. you can tell I have some red spots...
 This is after applying on layer of the foundation.  You can tell most red spots are gone and my skin looks so much smoother! I was hoping for a bit more dewey-glowy finish, but it didn't really give me that "glow". It is moisturizing so my skin doesn't look dry, but it didn't really make my skin look dewey either.  So if that's the look you want, you might want to use a pearly primer with it.  Here, I didn't use any primer.

So far, I've been carrying it with me all the time and use it touch up through out the day.. and it doesn't get cakey at all!! :) If you are looking for a compact foundation that can give you coverage without drying out, this is something you might want to try.  Oh, I used the shade 20 Light Beige. It only offers 4 colors.. not a good number of selection considering that this is a foundation.. so you might want to make sure to color match before you purchase.  But if you are looking for a super hydrating dewey finish foundation, you might have better luck with a liquid foundation.

Let me know if anyone else tried this and liked/disliked it!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Few things that made my weekend

I've had a very relaxing weekend. It was birthday of someone special to me.. Sometimes I wonder why I worry so much.. life is so short and unpredictable that I should be enjoying every moment..
But easy said than done, I guess.

Here are few things that made my weekend so much better and happier.

Somewhat new way to style my hair which turned out much better than expected:

Movado watch my hubby surprised me with:

Two tree shaped jars I bought from Target, which I filled with M&M's:

Pointy soft persimmons my mom brought me, which I left out to ripe:

Blanket I finally finished!!! I started before we got married.. didn't do anything on it for a loong time and I finally finished last night! :)
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

My week has been a bit crazy. So many things going on, and it has been stressing me out. I've been very forgetful also.. But I think I'm recharged and ready for the coming week!  or am I..???

M.A.C Lady Danger & H&M Cardigan

I saw this perfect red lipstick on J. Crew catalog and learned that it is MAC lipstick in Lady Danger..
So of course, I had to get it! I have this obsession with red lipsticks. But I don't think I pull them off very well without looking like it's too much. I just loooove the combination of pale skin + minimal eye makeup + red lipstick combo.. but my eyes are too small and my features aren't defined enough to pull that off...
But I'm still going to try! haha

The sales rep was telling me how pretty I looked w/ this lipstick on.. but I'm pretty sure she just wanted to sell it. LOL. My friends didn't really make fun of it but they thought it was a bit too much for everyday.. hahaha. Wish I could pull off red lipstick everyday w/o looking too much!!

And on the way back from M.A.C. store, stopped by H&M and I had to get this cardigan! so colorful. =D

Excuse all the clutter in the background & Mugen trying to get my attention. haha. I like to have a full length mirror right next to the front door so I can look at myself before going out.. hence, it's reflecting my livingroom. =)
It is pretty long and kinda makes me look shorter, but I still like it!
I can't wait to wear this cardigan w/ leggins and uggs during winter!

Henri Bendel Hauls

So.. I posted earlier than I really wanted Henri Bendel rain boots. I put a hold on a pair and it finally arrived! I requested for a pair when I had a 25% coupon from them, and the sales rep I talked to let me use the coupon even though the boots came after the coupon expired. I've been so happy with Henri Bendel products AND service!! =D

What I really love about these boots are the Henry Bendel stripes in the back!

Oh, and while I'm at it.. I had to get this rain coat for my dog. hahaha. It would come in handy when I have to take him out when it's raining..

I can't wait until it starts raining!!!!!

Do I see a matching umbrella coming soon..???? ;)