Sunday, November 14, 2010

M.A.C Lady Danger & H&M Cardigan

I saw this perfect red lipstick on J. Crew catalog and learned that it is MAC lipstick in Lady Danger..
So of course, I had to get it! I have this obsession with red lipsticks. But I don't think I pull them off very well without looking like it's too much. I just loooove the combination of pale skin + minimal eye makeup + red lipstick combo.. but my eyes are too small and my features aren't defined enough to pull that off...
But I'm still going to try! haha

The sales rep was telling me how pretty I looked w/ this lipstick on.. but I'm pretty sure she just wanted to sell it. LOL. My friends didn't really make fun of it but they thought it was a bit too much for everyday.. hahaha. Wish I could pull off red lipstick everyday w/o looking too much!!

And on the way back from M.A.C. store, stopped by H&M and I had to get this cardigan! so colorful. =D

Excuse all the clutter in the background & Mugen trying to get my attention. haha. I like to have a full length mirror right next to the front door so I can look at myself before going out.. hence, it's reflecting my livingroom. =)
It is pretty long and kinda makes me look shorter, but I still like it!
I can't wait to wear this cardigan w/ leggins and uggs during winter!

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  1. hi there! I just came across your blog b/c I was looking for swatches of lady danger. it looks great on you! I also was interested in it b/c I was looking at some clipping I have from an old J. Crew catalog and decided I needed and orange-red lippie. Have you looked at other brands also? I took a look at heat wave (Nars) b/c they're my favorite brand but thought it wasn't orange enough maybe, so I was wondering how you feel about the orange factor in Lady Danger. Also I love how you do your eye make-up! I'm Asian too, and I know how hard it is to figure out a look that works for you. Are your eyes here done like in the purple eyeshadow tutorial a few posts back? I think it goes well with the red lips!