Sunday, November 14, 2010

OPI Suede Nail Polish in Lincoln Park After Dark

I had ULTA 20% off coupon so went to get some stuff... and ended up picking out this polish.
This suede finish is very interesting.. not completely matte but not really shiny at all.. just like Suede.. haha

It's hard to tell the texture in the picture, but you can see that they are pretty matte. And excuse my ugly hand.. I've never been happy with how my hands look.. but they do what I need them to do.. so it's okay.
Also, I'm not wearing my wedding band/engagement ring because I don't like wearing them at home and especially when I'm putting nail polish on. I'm still happily married. ;)

I happen to have Lincoln Park After Dark also (you can see my tendency for colors.. haha).  Even tho it looks pretty purple in the bottle, when I put this on, it seems a bit more black than purple. A lot of times, people just think I'm wearing black nail polish rather than dark purple.  Compared to the original version, suede is a lot more purple.  It has gold pearl finish, which might make look purple little lighter than it is.  It does say that with Suede ones, you aren't supposed to wear top coat and it won't last longer than orignial OPI nail polishes.. When I put nail polish on, it usually lasts less than a week, so I'm thinking this week last me 3 days or so. We will see.

Here's the comparison shot:

So far, I really like this nail polish and just the name (suede) makes me feel warmer. :) Although.. it has been very warm in LA lately.

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