Thursday, November 4, 2010

San Diego trip with the hubby

My husband and I went to San Diego for one night spontaneously last week.
A little bit late but here are some pictures from our little getaway.

Night views of SD downtown from our hotel. We used to live in SD so it felt really weird to stay in the hotel while visiting. =p

Next day, we walked around the downtown almost all day!

Our favorite brunch spot: Cafe 222

We found these big chess and checker boards in Horton plaza.

haha, somehow I look mad...

We went to Mister A's, a restaurant that's on the top of the building so that you can enjoy the views of SD while you are eating.. They changed around a bit and service was HORRIBLE.  I made a reservation, but somehow it wasn't there. But they seated us anyway. We sat outside and waited for the waiter to come for 30 minutes! We just walked out and the host didn't even bother to apologize. We are NEVER going back here.  But the views were very nice. =p

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