Thursday, September 23, 2010

Organizing Cubbies

One of my inspirations is PaperSource blog!  They have a lot of cool ideas and this is the one I tried recently:

So I bought a set of alphabet stamps to make a card for my cousin's baby shower.  After I opened them, I realized that I had 30+ stamps (alphabet stamps came with few extra ones...) that might just sit there all loose... and I remembered this tutorial! (I made one to hold coupons and mails before.)

I made cubbies to hold stamps and stamp inks that had been kinda everywhere..

You don't have to cover the bottom.. since you won't see it much anyway! But if you want to, you can always cover it. =)

Now I'm organized and happy!!!

Before I finish this post, let me introduce Mugen, who just makes me so happy. Isn't he so adorable??? =D

He's loving daddy's attention..

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