Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cushion Project

I couldn't find a cushion cover I like at a price I like.. So I decided to make them.  I'm used to sewing by hand; I've been hemming my jeans by hand. Yes, it's very painful and can take forever, but it was worth it since I did original hem!

This was the first time using a sewing machine, and I couldn't justify by something nice since I'm not sure what else I would be inspired to make, so I went with a mini version. =D
It's called EasyStitcher, and it was ~20 bucks at Target.  So far, I really like it! It doesn't have many options, but for my purpose, it's fine.  Although, when I finished this project, I had so much fun that I wanted a real nice sewing machine for a minute.. hehe.

It was my first time using a sewing machine, so it was really hard to keep the seam line straight! they are a bit crooked, but I will let it slide since it's my first ones. =)  Also, sewing a zipper on was A LOT harder than I thought.  I managed to do so, but i'm not too happy about it.. but I think I just need some practice.. OR maybe I need a nice machine w/ a zipper foot and different stitch styles. =p  haha probably I just need to practice.

No shots of making since.. I wasn't TOO exact and it didn't turn out that neatly.. once I master it, I will post some tutorials!

Here are cushions I made:

Yay!!!! I LIKE them. =)

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