Monday, October 18, 2010

Purple Eyes + Hot Pink Lips

My makeup looks are inspired by random things.  Sometimes I choose colors to match my outfit, but sometimes I choose what to wear by makeup I'm wearing that day. =)  I think of specific looks I want to do or I have a specific product or color in mind and I build my look around it.

Yesterday, I wanted to wear a hot pink lipstick! So to complement that, I did purple colors for the eyes.

I used Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow in 970 Stylish Move.

After priming my eyes with Too Faced primer, I put #3 all over my eyelid, up to the brow bone.  It has a bit shimmer to it and not too bright, so it doesn't really make my eyes look pouffy or anything.  You probably noticed that I curled my lashes already.  The reason is that if I curl my lashes after, some of eyeshadows and eyeliners end up on the curler, messing up my look.  So to prevent that I curl my lashes before anything.  But if that's not the problem with you, you can always curl right before putting mascara.

Then, put a little darker purple shadow #4 filling in and going a bit above the double eyelid.  You can put this shadow up to your crease; I just didn't because it makes my eyes look pouffy and smaller..

Blend out the darker shadow outwards, but not too much.
 Using the darkest purple shadow, #5 and a flat angled brush, draw a thick eyeline.  You don't have to be exact since you can blend afterwards.  If you want darker color, wet your brush when you do this step.  I didn't, since I'm going to use an eyeliner later.

This is how the line looks (sorry for a blurry picture.. I couldn't tell that it was on my camera.. ) You can see how I winged out little bit and filled most of the folded eyelid to give some depth.

Using the same shadow, line the bottom lashline also.  To make your eyes look bigger, make the line a bit wider as you go toward the end of the eye.

Using a purple eyeliner, I lined my upper lashline.
To give it a bit of pop, I used a blue eyeliner to line my bottom lash.  If you don't like it, you can always line your bottom lashline with the purple eyeliner you used from the above.

Then two coats of mascara.  And highlight the innner corner of your eyes with the shimmery white shadow, #1 to open up your eyes.

Both eyes done:

Finish with a light pastel dusty matte pink blush and a hot pink lipstick! I used Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Pk 355.  Sadly, you can't find any Shu Uemura counter in US anymore, but you can always purchase from their website. =)

With ambient light:

With sunlight:
It's been a bit gloomy in LA lately and this look just made me feel so bright and happy!

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