Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sausage Roll

It's been cold (well, at least for L.A.) and raining for almost whole week... Perfect weather for something warm and fresh out of the oven.

There's a version of Korean sausage bread my husband just loves.  Kinda copying that I made croissant wrapped sausages.

All from Trader Joe's:

Roll out the dough as described on the package.
 Then just wrap the sausages. That's all you need to do!  But sausages I bought were way too long.. I was too lazy to stop by any other market on the way home.  If it's too long, you can probably cut into halves. Since my hubby loooves sausages anyway, I just left it as it is. =)

Place them about 1'' apart and bake as directed on the package of the dough.

So buttery, salty and warm! You can always microwave it later to warm it up or reheat it in the oven.

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