Monday, November 29, 2010

Random things from Thanksgiving weekend

I had a very relaxing Thanksgiving.  I feel like holidays can be sometimes painful and tiring, especially as you get older and get married... I remember just enjoying food and everything my parents and others prepared.. and now its MY turn to provide. :P  From spending time with my family only, now I have to worry about organizing things with my husband's parents.  Luckily, both our families are in LA area, so no traveling.  But we end up driving a lot during holidays. But better than flying!

Overall, I didn't have to do much.  I got to sleep in almost everyday during the weekend, which was very nice.

On Friday, instead of going shopping, we went to LA AutoShow.  I know I don't need anything and can't afford what I want right now, so I rather not be tempted.. :p.  AND I just hate waiting and being sandwiched by people, so I try anything and everything to avoid the mall on black friday...

AutoShow was pretty good.. altho not as interesting.  I remember they used to have some crazy concept cars and such, but now, all companies seem to focus on fuel-efficiency and lower cost cars. I guess it's reflecting the economy... it was entertaining in a way that I saw more affordable cars but not really since this is one time you get to see all the nice cars in person without going into dealerships, but they didn't have as many.. so boo...

Rare picture of me that my hubby took that actually came out nice!!!!! hahahaha. i think it was the crazy lighting they had there... I'm sporting MAC lady danger lipstick here! :)

And on Saturday, I just wanted to dress very comfortably for dinner with my in-laws sicne it was just too cold..
I look extra short and stubby in this picture.. i swear i'm just wearing wide legged pants!!! :P

And a apple pie my inlaws got for us from Julian Moms pies bakery in Temecula. It was very yummy!

Do you see the heart shape in the middle?? Adorable!

Sadly all broken during the cutting process.....
Hope everyone had good Thanksgiving!!!

I know it's turning into weekend blogs... but I just don't seem to have time... but I will try harder to update more frequently!

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