Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shiseido Luminous Lip Gloss in Bellini review

I went to costco today and as I was browsing.. I found this!
For some reason, I thought its regular price is ~30 dollars, so picked it up w/o thinking twice about it at 14.99. The regular price is $22. Still pretty a good deal... but I thought it was 50% off! =(

There were more than 5 colors available and I picked up Bellini, sheer rosy pink color.

In its packaging:

In picture, it seems a bit lighter, but it's a bit darker..

I usually don't mind brush tips, and this one feels pretty soft. :)

Swatch on my hand in indoor lighting. You can tell it has very fine pearls, but when you put it on, it almost has a glassy shiny finish rather than pearly finish.

My bare lips... my lips are pretty pigmented.. which is why I didn't pick up Cafe Creme one (light beige color). Unless it's very pigmented, any beige lipgloss looks clear on my lips..
 With just one layer of the lipgloss! It gives a slight pinkish tone to my lips. Goes very sheer and a lot lighter than I thought.. it gives me my lip color but better. :)  If your lips aren't as pigmented, it will probably give you a nice wash/tint of pink color that's pretty natural.
 And overall shot.  When I look for lip swatches, I find it more useful to see the person's whole face with the lip products on, since if you just look at lips, it can be very deceiving! It's all about how it looks on your face, not just on your lips, you know what I mean?!  For that reason... even though I look so tired and washed out since I'm doing this post after a looong day at work.... I'm posting a picture of me w/ the lipgloss on. :)

It almost looks like I didn't put anything on. :(  But the lipgloss is very moisturizing and no weird smell!
 If you have Costco near by, go check it out!

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