Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clarisonic MIA review

Okay, so I think I was eyeing a Clarisonic brush for few years.. but could never justify spending so much on it.. then, I saw MIA, which is a cheaper version with only one speed without a cradle.  I actually like the fact that it doesn't have to be charged on a cradle like the regular version.  Clarisonic says that if it is charged fully, it can last up to 2 weeks, but who knows??? I don't travel much but when I do, sometimes I'm gone for 2 weeks or so.  If I travel, I will want to take this with me! and so not willing to pack a cradle with me..  And I knew I would probably end up using it on one speed only anyway so MIA seemed perfect for me.  However, if you want to use it to exfoliate your body too, you might want to invest a bit more and get the version that allows you to do that.. you will have to get a seperate brush for it.  I do exfoliate using a body scrub, but I didn't see any need for that myself...

So I was searching online for a good deal and ran into this website:
They seem to have 25% off on Clarisonic brushes pretty often and free shipping! And the BEST part is that NO TAX!!! If you live in southern california (especially LA county) no tax means extra 10% off now.  After giving some thought I purchased it.

So far, I like it very much.  I can't say that it made a HUGE difference on my skin condition.  I have a combination skin type and break out little bit during that time of the month.. but other than that, I'm pretty lucky to not have any skin issues..  I did notice that it kept my skin pretty smooth.. I will get dry patches on my nose once a while, but after using this brush, I haven't gotten it yet.  I don't have to exfoliate my skin as much, which is very nice.  I used to over exfoliate and sooo regret it now... DO NOT ever over exfoliate!!!!!  Overall, it won't make a huge difference like "wow" effect, but it will definitely improve your skin condition.  So don't buy it thinking that it will solve all your skin problems but I will still recommend it if you wear any makeup.  Clarisonic claims that it can remove makeup 6 times better, and I did notice that my face feels a lot cleaner.  I use it with Cetaphil cleanser, and so far so good!

One thing you have to remember is  that you have to make sure you clean your brush with warm soap water once a week and have to dry your brush after each use! (which I didn't do right away...)

It is a bit expensive, especially considering that you have to get a new brush head every 4 month or so, but if you are spending $$ on skincare products already, you might as well spend a bit more and get the full effects of skincare products you got!

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