Monday, October 4, 2010

Cold weather = boots!!

So LA weather has been really weird.. it was super hot (like over 110 degrees) last week and today it rained and was probably high 60s to 70s.  It's supposed to get hot again over the weekend, but meanwhile it would be raining and cold in LA for few days.. which means I get to wear my new boots!!! finally!!!

I've been looking for wedge heel boots for a loong time.  Mainly because it's hard to drive and walk with heels on.. and I sometimes have to walk a lot from one building to another at work.  I also like to feel comfortable at work.. being at work is stressful enough! LOL.  I saw these on H&M website and headed to the store to get a pair! And luckily, they had a pair in 7! This is a very rare luck for me.. everytime I want something, they either don't carry it in the store, not in my size or not in the color I want... =(

Can't wait to wear these tomorrow!! =)  Oh, one bad thing about this pair is that when I go up and down the stairs (I live on the 3rd floor w/o elevator), it kinda rubs against my ankle, which can get uncomfortable.. but other than that, they are so comfortable!!!!! 

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