Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drop Spine Box Kit from PaperSource!!!!!!

I frequently take craft classes at PaperSource.  I love everything from PaperSource! haha.
When you take one of their classes, they give you a coupon for 10% off.  So I bought this kit few weeks ago but didn't have time to make it.  I was so happy that I finally had some time today to make this!

Drop Box Spine Kit from PaperSource

Anyone who wants to try this, I recomment buying this kit.  Since once you have the instruction from the kit, you can make any box with any sizes!  I would post the instruction on it, but I'm not sure whether that's legal.. hmm..

Anyways, there's a blog post from PaperSource that describes the process.  She does describe steps but I don't think this post is detailed enough for anyone to make it from scratch..

But her box looks so pretty!!

Here's some shots from my simple version. =)

Base box made:

This is for the spine part.  You glue these book boards to bookcloth.  I haven't been able to find bookcloth anywhere else but PaperSource so far..

Once you glue all the parts, you cover the spine so that you don't see the book board.
This is how it looks from the other side..
 This is after you cover the base box.  I used wrapping papers from PaperSource, which is a bit more heavier weight than most wrapping papers.  You can use any type of decorative paper, but I highly do not recommend those thin vinyl-like wrapping papers.  They will wrinkle and won't get glued as nicely.  Try to use a bit thicker text weight.
Completed!!!! Box open:

 Box closed:

I'm not TOO happy with the result since there are few air bubbles here and there.  it just doesn't look as clean as I hoped for, but this is my first try, so I'm pretty sure I will get better! =)

I haven't posted many makeup looks since I've been busy and didn't have an occasion or time to put makeup on.. but I will get to it soon!

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